Friday, August 7, 2009

My New Black Berry 8900

OMG! I have had this phone less than 24 hours and I love it!! It's full of cool features and applications. I have tried numerous phones and I must say this is my first blackberry and I am never roaming too far away from it:-)

I wonder if anyone else feels this way!?:-D Ne who, if you do happen to have one(A blackberry) and you up for Blackberry messanger chat shoot ya girl a message/or comment below & Ill give ya my BBM ID:-)

OK Rant over...

Xo Vonni


  1. Blackberry is the best when i got mine last november I swore to never go anywhere else I'm telling you... hit me up my pin is 31CF5717

  2. I got u mama!! i totally agree with u!

  3. can i have your bb pin please i would like to ask you a few question about your hair journey, and i agree blackberrys are the best!

  4. Hello Vonnique...I am so hoping you still have your berry....I have some questions that only you can answer. You are truly an bb pin is 3079BCB4


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