Sunday, August 2, 2009

Air Drying Technique ( No heat Applied)

Hey ya'll!

I recently posted my air drying technique video on You tueb Check it out:

Quick OverView:
  1. Wash hair and condition as usual
  2. Towel Dry for 10-15 minutes
  3. Apply leave in (AT ONE BOTANICLE BRAND)
  4. Detangle with Wide tooth Comb
  5. apply Liquid moisturizer (I used the Softsheen carson finishing mist in this vid but I will say its alot lighter but compares nothing to scurl !)
  6. Comb thru with wide tooth comb
  7. Apply Oil (Kemi Oyl) and Comb thru as well
  8. Apply Serum for Sleekness and Shine (I applied Ganier Sleek and Shine)
  9. Go over with Small tooth comb gently to smooth hair from root to tip
  10. Put hair in loose ponytail and put roller on end
  11. Cover hair with Satin Scarf and allow to air dry
  12. Apply moisturizer and oil to hair twice daily to keep moisturized!

Note: I usually air dry over night. I air dry in a pony tail because I do not typically wear my hair down and at my current length to retain length I wear it pinned or bunned 90% of the time. I am almost 3 weeks post I believe in this video.


  1. Vonnique, I have followed your directions and adjusted according to my product availability. I must say that my hair is healthier than ever. You are an Angel from heaven and I really appreciate your information.

  2. Great!! It is amazing what a little change in routine can do for your hair isnt!!!?

  3. I question the purpose of a liquid moisturizer when you already just put a leave in.

    Also, I guess this is for an over night thing? Because I can imagine the hair would dry very slowly.

  4. Yes this is for over night. And a leave in does not suppliment a mositurizer..well not for me any way. But to each its own. I always mositurize and seal in the mositure.


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