Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Natural Hair update April 2012! 17 months NATURAL

17 MONTHS PROGRESS! I colored it 4/3! N i <3 it!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am so Happy with my decision. I have been sticking to my regimen and keeping my hair well moisturized and protected and it is working out well.

Regimen Overview:
  • Shampoo every two weeks
  • deep condition ever wash (hello hydration or organic root stimulator mayonnaise-rotate every other wash)
  • moisturize at least twice daily(olive oil and water or raw Shea butter mix)
  • seal with oil at least twice daily (Castor oil)
  • wear protective styles 2 months at a time and let hair rest 2-3 week in between, (kinky twist, rope twists, wigs, etc.)

I &lt;3 IT!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. What do you put on your hair/ or do to your hair to make it grow?

a. In my opinion no product can MAKE your hair grow. Your hair naturally grows from your scalp. I believe. You must properly care for your hair to retain the length and health of your hair that grows from your scalp regularly.

2. What products did you use when you first started your hair journey?

a. Many of my products remain the same. I stuck with Crème of Nature detangling shampoo (blue bottle) until it was discontinued and the Crème of Nature conditioner (purple bottle) which has also been discontinued. I swore by s curl as my moisturizer, and I used kemi oil as my oil.

3. How fast does your hair grow?

a. My hair grow approx. ½ inches a month

4. Did you clip your own ends?

a. I had my ends clipped professionally.

5. How often did you go to the salon?

a. I would go to the salon for relaxers/ trims or when I wanted my hair professionally styled only.

6. Did you relax your own hair?

a. With an exception of the last months I was relaxed I did not relax my own hair. I would have it done professionally for sanity reasons. My relaxer before my set back (see my I have an announcement to make video) I tex laxed and like the results but It was time consuming.

7. What relaxer did you use when you were relaxed?

a. I used Motions with Oil moisturizer

8. Were you bone straight relaxed or tex laxed?

a. I was bone straight relaxed most of my relaxed hair journey. My last few relaxers were tex laxed.’

9. How often did you relax?

a. At the beginning of my journey I relaxed faithfully every 6 week s( I know sad..). Once I realized that I could stretch my relaxers I begin to relax every 8-10 weeks, my hair thanked me for it!:-)

10. How often did you wrap your hair, do you recommend it?

a. I did not wrap my hair unless I had a fresh relaxer for 2 weeks a time. If you choose to wrap your hair practice routing the direction nightly.

11. Is it too late for me to join the Grow with me challenge?

a. Its never too late? Create a regimen and get started!

12. Would you say that sew ins help with your hair growth?

a. Sews in were my go to protective style. They were cute and they allowed me to retain length. I did however experience a set back when removing it once due to not properly detangling. So that is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing sew in as your protective style.

13. How often did you flat iron?

a. I did not flat iron often. In fact I did not use much heat at all. I got my hair flat ironed right after my relaxers only. There after I would air dry after each wash and wear protective styles (buns, twist out, sews etc)

14. How often did you deep condition?

a. Once a week or after each wash

15. How often did you wash your hair?

a. I washed at least once a week, because that is when I felt my I wash my hair needed it. Wash as often or less often as your feel is necessary to each its own

16. When you first started your hair journey and your hair was shorter, how did you style your hair/

a. I would wear phony pony tails, or sews ins

17. What steps would you recommend to recover from a set back?

a. Give your hair some TLC. Be faithful and consistent with your regimen. Be sure to faithfully moisturize and oil your hair to prevent drying and more breakage.

18. Did you take any supplements to help your hair grow?

a. No . I take everyday multivitamins. Which I think is always a plus and I drink plenty of water.

19. Do you think you have good hair?

a. If by good hair, you mean hair that grows out of my scalp then yes. Otherwise I don’t think there is a such thing as good hair or bad hair

20. What is your regimen?

a. For my most recent relaxed hair regimen see my “relaxed hair :regimen 2010” video.

21. Why did you go natural?

a. I have had relaxed hair since I can remember. I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel its time for a change And that’s where my natural hair comes in


1. How often did you wash your while in weave/sew ins?

a. Every two weeks

2. What products do you use on your weave?

a. I used cheap conditioner/shampoos on my weave

3. What hair did you use most for your sew ins

a. I like to use Sensationnel New Yaki 10/12 inches

4. How long did you keep your sew ins in for

a. 6-8 weeks at a time

5. How long do you wait between sewin before you re apply a another sew in?

a. I would wait at least 3 weeks -4 weeks to re apply a sew in to give my hair time to rest.

6. How do you care for the hair left out when you have sew in?

a. The same way I would care for my hair when it is not in sew in. (moisturize daily, oil daily, wash conditioner etc.)

7. How do you dry your braids under your sew in after you wash.

a. I would blow dry on cool setting until its about 80% dry and then let it air dry

8. How often do you moisturize/oil your hair in a sew in?

a. As needed. Usually once a day.

BEST TIP: Be patient, be consistent and take lots of pics to document your progress!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I decided to get kinky twist instead of rope twist as a winter protective style only because it blends better. I <3 them! Here are some pics. sn: I plan to keep them in for 6-8 weeks.

HAIR DONE BY DESTINEE. feel free to leave message for her contact info.
hair used: Puffy Screw
color: 1b/30 1 n 1/2 packs of hair (i have a small head)

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