Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wave Nouveau Coiuffure Moisturizing Finishing Mist

So I heard rants and raves about this
product line and I have to jump on the band wagon! I recently bought the Wave Nouveau Coiuffure Moisturizing Finishing Mist 16.9 FL oz @ Sallys for $3.99 *( It was on sale regular price $5+).

The Bottles States:
  • It restores body and shine

  • Its ultra Light and gentle enough for both
    relxed and natural

  • It contains a blend of conditioning and

Vonni Says:

  • It can be used as a moisturizer product

  • Lighter than s curl

  • Great smell!

  • When followed up with oil gives hair nice soft
  • I am going to try the lotion next
  • Try it!


  1. I really like this but the moisturizing lotion is my favorite. It is slightly heavier than the mist but does not weigh the hair down. Unfortunately, the daily humectant was a great disappointment for me as it was not as moisturizing as the aforementioned ones and a bit more difficult to penetrate my hair.

  2. I first bought the finishing as a moisturizer when my hair was in braids...but now i have a relaxer, i use it the morning after my bantu knot outs and I must say it brings shine,and moisture to my hair than any other moisturizer. Thou i use ORS lotion at night, i use wave nouveau in the morning. and my hair still have bounce and soft curls.


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