Friday, June 26, 2009

How to Wash your hair in a sew in

HEY YALL!! I am so hyped right now! I posted the "how to moisturize and oil your hair in a sew in"Check it out . This technique has always worked for me. Here is a quick overview:

  • Wash human hair with a two in one shampoo/conditioner if possible.
  • Seperate into two half to wash weave and avoid tangling the hair, gently work shampoo/conditoner from shaft to end of hair.
  • Rinse Thoroughly.
  • To wash regular hair(braids) Dilute a dime size amount of shampoo/conditioner in a cup and pour over braids (repeat for every section).
  • Rinse hair thoroughly, rub braids to assure hair is rinsed properly.

Once done washing follow the "How to Maintain your hair in a sew in" post below.

FYI: You can rub castor oil on your scalp to promote hair thickness from the root. This is also explained in the video linked above.

Any questions feel free to hit me up:-) Xo Vonni


  1. can you please let me know what do you do with your hair after ur workouts and what do i need to do to join ur blog cause i really want to grow my hair like yours was it was so pretty although the bob is cute, thanks my email

  2. Hey! I know this site can be confusing. To follow my blog click the link "follow this blog to right or copy and past this link

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    Any other questions feel free to ask!

    Xo Vonni


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