Wednesday, September 29, 2010


yes yes yes!!! It's official. Ya girl has decided to transition from Relaxed to Natural.
My last Relaxer was on June 23, 2010. The plan is to transition for as long as I can-lol. and then cutoff the relaxed ends..
Pray for me yall!!
 My regimen right now still remains the same. I will have to adjust it as I progress in my journey and I will be sure to keep you guys posted.
As of right now I am a little over 3 months post relaxer and I am rocking a straight sew in. I've had it in for about a month. I will remove it soon and let my hair rest for about 2  weeks and reapply another protective style ( sew in or kinky twist).

Here's a pic of the Sew in I currently have in:
Hair is Sensationnel New yaki  Premium too (blue package-i believe) .
12 inches in the front with 1b
14 inches in back 1b/33
Styled with middle part , no sides left out , no back left out, only front left out to cover tracks

 Sew in routine over view:
  • Moisturize hair under sew in once a week or as needed, follow up with oil, to see how I do this watch(on dry hair only) this my  How I wash, Moisturize and Oil my hair in A sew in Video 
  • Wash weave hair  every two weeks with Dove moisture therapy shampoo and follow up with conditioner
  • Wash my regular hair (braids under sew in) with my reg shampoo and conditioner(I dilute shampoo and conditioner so the it can be easily rinsed out)
  • I oil my scalp with Castor oil one every two weeks or as needed
  • To dry weave hair I apply a no frizz serum (ganier sleek and shine or  Sally Beauty's version of Biosilk leave in serum) and then blow dry 100% and style
  • To dry my braided hair underneath the sew in I apply a heat protectant spray to braids and  blow dry on medium  setting until hair is about 80% dry and then I let it air dry 
  • I only wear satin scarfs
  • I may moisturize my left out hair in front and my edges and nape areas daily sicne they are exposde to air more easily while my hair is sewn in

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  1. congrats! and very VERY nice sew in - esp for non-premium hair, i am super SUPER impressed! :-)


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